Mavin's Duo 

In the autumn of 2023, Michael Alves and Avin Ahmadi met in Vienna during a jam session, sparking a year full of incredible collaboration.

One, a virtuoso of the Violin, carrying the rhythmic heartbeat of Brazil within his fingertips. The other, a young talented Oud player and Vocalist, carrying the soulful echoes and stories of her homeland Iran, upon every note.

In around March 2023, they formed "Mavin's Duo," blending their talents to create mesmerizing music that combined Brazilian, Iranian, and Arabic influences; they have had several performances in various places and hosting multiple concerts that create an artistic atmosphere where music and poetry connect to each other through nations for almost a year.

June 2023, marks one of their most meaningful performances at "Jeanskamel" in Vienna. 

 in July 2023, After months of sharing the stage together, Avin released her first single track, "Dopelk," featuring Michael on violin. 

At the outset of 2024, Michael Alves bid farewell to Vienna, making his way back to Brazil.

The duo now eagerly anticipates their next chapter together.

Photo credit: Manuela Schauer