• May 2024,  Musik der Hazara - Elaha Soroor & Roots Revival Ensemble (Vienna) 
  • April 2024,  Persian Indie Night , Avin & Ermia (Vienna) 
  • April 2024,  Salam Music Festival, OUD & KAMANCHEH DUO/ JAM SESSION (Vienna) 


  • February 2024,  PASHTO! - Simin Tander & Roots Revival Ensemble (Vienna) 

Photo Credit : Georg Cizek-Graf 


  • October 2023, Avin Ahmadi Solo performance at Porgy&Bess (Vienna) 

Photo Credit : Georg Cizek-Graf 


  • October 2023, Oud & Kamancheh duo with Morvarid Tahmasbi at DE/SEMBLE festival for jazz and adventurous music in Reaktor (Vienna)

Photo Credit : Georg Cizek-Graf  & Hanna Fasching 


  • September 2023, Flying Carpet festival on tour in Turkey, container cities, cities and villages near the syrian border 

  • February 2023, Oud and Cajon performance with Sana Shahmiri at Frau Mayer (Vienna, Austria)

Photos by Manuela Schauer

  • Posters of some of the Events, Concerts or Festivals with the presence of Avin Ahmadi:

  • The 11th and 13th Youth Music Festival, 2017 and 2019 (Tehran,Iran)

  • May 2017, Yurdal Tockan's (The great Turkish oud master) workshop (Tehran,Iran)

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