In 2019, Avin Ahmadi joined an extraordinary Oud Quintet in Tehran known as 'Nowroud.' The quintet consisted of four other exceptionally talented Iranian Oud players: Ava Aresazan, Hojjat Farajiyan, Nima Davoudi, and Shayan Mirzaii. They collaborated for over a year, performing concerts at various venues, including the Refaghati Music Festival in Gilan. This festival marked Avin's last performance with the quintet before the onset of Covid-19. Subsequently, she relocated abroad and left Tehran to Austria, as the group continued their musical journey as a trio after the Covid ended.

The time Avin spent with the 'Nowroud' ensemble proved to be a turning point in her musical voyage; it filled her with invaluable experiences and the unique opportunity to perform alongside a group of highly talented, professional musicians, made her learn a lot. 

  •  The gypsy dance by Nowroud Ensemble (Listen, Watch)

  • 'Dialogue' by Nowroud in Refaghati music Festival :