Avin Ahmadi and Morvarid Tahmasbi's Oud & Kamancheh Duo took shape in February 2023, and their journey since then has been a captivating one.

Born and raised in Iran, the duo's paths crossed unexpectedly in Vienna, setting the stage for their musical partnership.

Their performances are a blend of improvisation in Persian traditional musical modes and original compositions; a collaborative effort that has evolved over time.

Morvarid shines with her mastery of the Kamancheh, while Avin's skillful play on the Oud and heartfelt vocals add depth to their sound, both instruments deeply rooted in Iranian culture.

Audiences often find themselves swept away by a range of emotions during their performances, sometimes even moved to tears.

Despite their openness to exploring new styles, Avin and Morvarid remain firmly anchored in their Persian musical heritage and the art of improvisation, values that define their unique musical identity.

  • Duo's first official performance at MDW university (March 2023)