"For me, the most important thing is for when the audience walks out the door,

they carry something home witht them; something more than just memories.

a gift of inspiration and profound impact, a gift for their soul's journey ahead"

- Avin Ahmadi 

Avin Ahmadi is a storyteller through her music, where every note that she plays allows you to see vivid pictures, to follow a story line in your heart. "poems" are a significant element in her musical landscape, yet her instrumental compositions also effortlessly transport you to the scenes she's crafting through her music; you can still sense and visualize an imagery. 

Currently, Avin is working on her upcoming EP- album, 


1. Live at Strengen Kammer, Porgy&Bess/Vienna 

(Watch, Listen & Read about)

*Composed, sung and played by Avin Ahmadi

2. The path ( Listen , Watch , Score ) (2022)

*Composed, sung and played

by Avin Ahmadi

3. Birth of a hope (2022) 

*Composed, sung and played 

by Avin Ahmadi 

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