Welcome to my homepage.

Here, you will find information on my "musical"  life and you'll get to know me as a musician, 

Who am I?

I'm still trying to find that out! 

But let's say I'm a human being on this beautiful mother earth who is trying to just "be"!

to feel and to experience anything that can be felt and experienced.

مگز جز این است که ما از زندگی هستیم و زندگی از آن ما؟

No but seriuosly, Who am I?

Click here for my: Short Résumé

Avin Ahmadi is an Iranian musician, composer, Oud player and vocalist born on the 31st of January 2004 in Tehran, Iran. 

Avin's love for music began when she was six years old, starting with playing the recorder flute. However, it wasn't until she was nine years old that she discovered her true passion - the Oud. One day, while walking through a classroom at Boroumand music school, she was captivated by the enchanting sound of the Oud being played in one of the classes.

In 2015, she enrolled in Tehran's music conservatory, dedicating six years to studying and honing her skills on the Oud and in music as a whole.

Guided by esteemed masters such as Negar Bouban, Hojat Farajian, and Yasamin Shahhosseini, Avin developed a deep affection for the instrument and made the decision to pursue music academically.

Throughout her studies, Avin had the honor of performing at renowned venues in Tehran, including Vahdat and Roudaki music halls, both as a soloist and as a member of various ensembles and orchestras. Furthermore, she took part in an exceptional Oud master's workshop conducted by Yurdal Tockan in Tehran. Her talent and dedication were recognized in the Youth Music Festival, where she reached the finals for three consecutive years, ultimately winning the second place as the best young Oud player in 2019.

Following her graduation from the conservatory, Avin made the decision to relocate to Austria in order to further her musical journey. Currently studying music in Vienna, she is delving into the extraordinary realms of jazz and fusion music, surrounded by a diverse group of passionate individuals who share her love for music. Avin considers herself fortunate to be immersed in such an enriching environment, constantly learning about life, discovering more about herself, and deepening her understanding of music.

During her time in Vienna, Avin had the privilege of learning from the acclaimed Iranian composer, Armin Sanayei. His brief but impactful mentorship greatly enriched her musical journey.

Her Oud & Violin Duo with Michael Alves in Vienna, leaded her to her first official single track release called "Dopelk". 

Avin has also cooperated with Morvarid Tahmasbi in a Oud & Kamancheh Duo; they are two young talented musicians who were both born and raised in Iran. Back to their roots, “improvisation” and “Feelings” play an important role in their performance as a
duo; Avin on the "Oud" and Vocals, and Morvarid on the "Kamancheh", they narrate stories through their
music. They have had several amazing concerts together, such as participating in DE\SEMBLE music festival for jazz and adventorous music as a duo in their recent cooperation. 

In the September of 2023, she has proudly participated in the Flying Carpet Festival runned by Sahba Kia in Turkey, performing for the children living in conflict zones, cooperating with more than 33 other incredible musicians, visual artists,circus artists and dancers. 

In October 2023, she have had her own project, her first Solo gig at the age of 19 in the Porgy&Bess (Strengen Kammer) in Vienna. 

Beyond her musical pursuits, Avin is an enthusiastic dancer and mover. She finds great fascination in exploring various aspects of life, consistently striving to learn and grow as an artist and as a human being. Each day presents an opportunity for her to discover new things, create something beautiful, express herself through her art, and make a meaningful impact.

What am I working on at the moment?

As I flew away from my homeland and got to know so many different other cultures, my obsession with Middle east music or any sort of Oriental content got even stronger! this is why the concept of "separation" holds a special place in my heart, for it has always taught me the value of distance in gaining a deeper understanding of my beloved when I'm far from them; in this case, being far from Iran, allowed me to see where I come from in a different light, to understand it more deeply.

Everyday, I get more and more interested in the mystery of the Middle East and its cultures, and how it would be to combine it with other cultures and other music styles; in particular, with jazz! 

I believe that both jazz musicians and traditional Iranian musicians undergo the same profound self-discovery process through their music. Additionally, it's also very fascinating to observe how African-American individuals share even a similar dance and movement expression to rhythm with us Iranians\Middle easterns. 

My music is currently influenced by this particular perspective.

So as I got inspired to dig into the world of jazz, I've been studying and learning composing techniques in this field until this very day; I'm hoping to finally reach my own way of combining music styles and to make a unique fusion-folk. 

At the moment, my art is a work in progress; as I spend a lot of time honing my skills on Oud and my vocal abilities.

I have a deep love for the wondrous universe we inhabit, and I'm searching for ways to reflect what I see and how I see; I am creating a collection of melodies, poems and stories which will soon be out to be heard and seen!  

You can find more information and examples on my works and music style by clicking on " My projects ".

My Oud lessons:

Another great passion of mine is to share and to transfer what I know, to other people who are willing to learn it! I love the communication when it's formed in a process of giving and receiving; that's why I never call myself a teacher; but if you feel like you want to learn how to play the Oud, then let's share our passion in this!

I'll guide you through the way, as you guide me through getting to know you, and what "you" ,as an individual have for "me" to learn! 

let's make it fun!

you can find more information about my lessons by clicking on " Oud lessons

Upcoming events : 

June 29, 2024                                 Resident Alien - Hinterland 

                                                                 Krongasse 20, 1050 (Vienna, Austria)  

June 7, 2024                                  Guitar Festival Dresden 

                                                              Alte Fabrik, Hinterhof Prießnitzstr. 48  (Dresden, Germany)  

Photo by: Hanna Fasching 

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